Publishing Guide

Book Trim Sizes Dimensions (in inches)
US Trade 6″ x 9″
US Letter 8.5″ x 11″
Landscape 9″ x 7″
5.5″ x 8.5″
Square 8.5″ x 8.5″
All Book Trim Sizes
4.25″ x 6.87″
Comic Book 6.625″ x 10.25″
Portrait 8″ x 10″
Large Portrait 7.5″ x 7.5″
Large Portrait 9″ x 12″
Large Square 10″ x 10″
Landscape 12×9
Landscape Letter 11″ x 8.5″
(All Services Depend On Page Count Which Determines The Final Cost)
Book Covers – Softcover/Hardcover $399.00
Interior Formatting (Printed books) $190.00
Proofreading $500.00
Print-On-Demand/Distribution $580.00
Copy Editing $499.00
Line Editing (depends on the number of words) $1400.00
ISBN $10.00
Bar Code $20.00
Marketing $399.00
E-book $300.00
Publishing Packages Cost
Standard Publishing Packet (reduced price) without distribution $2300.00
Premium $3400.00

What is copyright?

The term “copyright” means the rights to your original work.  You wrote the book in your own words, therefore your works do not belong to anyone else.  Copyright allows you to reproduce, create, and distribute your work publicly.  You are the owner.  You control how the public can access your book.   Your book is protected when you register your copyright with the United States Copyright Office at the Library of Congress.

What is copy editing?

Your editor will spell check, grammar, punctuation, missing sentences, words, capitalization and rewrite sentences and paragraphs and more…

What is formatting?

If you want a well-formatted book, you may want to leave it to the professionals.  When your book is well-formatted, you as the author stand out as a professional writer.  Your readers will speak for you and pass your book on to others.  Your book’s success depends on a well-formatted book. Your book will be custom-designed to favor your message.  We will send you proofs to review and approve.

What is line editing?

Line editing is more than just correcting errors, it takes a picture of your groups of words and rearranges them, focusing on a more specific writing style to capture the reader’s attention.  Line editing gets rid of redundancies and run-on sentences, it changes the tone of the conversation, improving consistency.

What is proofreading?

After your book has been edited, the proofreading starts.  Then the scanning of errors began with punctuation, grammar issues, capitalization, and misspellings.  A keen editor’s eye focuses on catching all the errors the author did not see.

What is print-on-demand?

Your book files need to be print-ready. For Print-ready files, you will need to submit a PDF file.

We will get you signed up for what we call POD, which stands for Print-On-Demand.  You may want to start with at least 25-30 books for events such as book signings, and sending your books to Christian bookstores and libraries.

What are royalties and how are they calculated

When you sell your book, you are entitled to a book royalty.  Royalties can be paid by the publisher or if you self-publish, directly from the retailer.   For example, Amazon KDP is your retailer.

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